Asthma is a chronic disease whose causes, triggers, symptoms, frequency of exacerbation and classification vary from one patient to another, and sometimes within the same individual. Improving the quality of life of asthmatic patients is not limited to occasional visits to the doctor’s clinic and proper use of asthma medication. Through therapeutic patient education the  asthmatic patient  and his family are  informed about  all the aspects of the disease. The CAC provides a comprehensive asthma management program provided by a multidisciplinary team of Pneumology and Allergology Pediatric Physicians, a Registered Nurse, and a Health Educator. The Childhood Asthma School aims at:

 a) educating asthmatic children and their families to be in charge of and manage their own disease to have a well controlled asthma

 b) training health care professionals (physicians, nurses, school health coordinators) on asthma management protocols and policies.

The Childhood Asthma School was inaugurated on the 18th of May in 2009 under the patronage of HE Ms Leila El Solh. The school consists of a conference hall, a workshop area for interactive activities, and a cafeteria.

In 2010, the Childhood Asthma School started the Asthma at School awareness program to educate students and teachers about asthma for better diagnosis and management at school.

If your children like to learn more about asthma inhalation techniques and how to avoid triggers, just call us or send a request .