Our mobile clinic started its journey in August 2006. Once a week, the mobile clinic visited people in the areas affected by war to educate people about asthma triggers and attacks, and to diagnose and refer asthmatic children.

The mini bus, equipment, and supplies were donated by the World Health Organization (WHO), and several organizations (YMCA-USJ-Hotel Dieu de France) have been of great help in implementing this project.

In 2007 and 2008, the mobile clinics continued to provide care to children in remote areas. In 2008 alone, our mobile clinic had 18 stops in different regions in Lebanon to examine 296 children, give Spirometry tests, and educate them about asthma causes, triggers, and proper disease management. Furthermore, there were two public general awareness lectures about asthma for sensitization.

Asthma mobile clinic is available upon your demand to diagnose asthma cases for your community or primary health care center. Just send us your request so that more children will benefit from our experience.