The CPCA established the Childhood Asthma Center to promote better asthma management. We believe that the latter will result in reducing hospitalization and utilization of emergency services, reducing school absenteeism for asthma-related problems, decreasing the frequency and severity of an attack, and stabilizing asthma before adulthood.

The Childhood Asthma Center (CAC) has two departments:

1. Diagnosis and Care Department provides medical consultations, spirometry tests, allergy skin prick test, and therapeutic health education. Individual and collective educational sessions about asthma are given through the childhood asthma school. Furthermore,it runs the Childhood Asthma Mobile Clinic which performs screening and evaluation in areas  lacking access.Asthma mobile clinic is available upon your demand. If your primary health care center or community is in need to diagnose children suffering from asthma, contact us and you will benefit from our experience.

2. Research and outreach department evaluates and analyses data and conducts epidemiological studies. It organizes seminars, lectures, and training sessions to health care professionals, health educators, and the larger public.

Currently the CAC follow over 1500 Asthmatic Children from birth until 15 years of age.